Friday Early Link – Karaoke Machine (June 11, 2009)

I know I've been neglecting lots of things on this blog with all the political posts the past few months and the Friday Fun Link is one that I've felt most guilty about.  Therefore, this week I'm going to do a pre-FFL, a real FFL and a post-FFL – lucky you! 

To start, Karaoke Machine is a site that got mentioned during my presentation at CLA (er, maybe in an unrelated discussion after my presentation come to think of it!) 

Most of the people in the room sort of chuckled when it was described as a “blast” and “great fun” but I took note of the URL because I'm the type of person who, having gotten married in Mexico, would have a wedding reception in Shea's hometown when we returned that had “a Mexican theme…with karaoke!

It is pretty cool – it's all web-based, you can get to a few decent songs (more if you pay of course), you can use an external mic or the one built into your computer, pick to sing along with or without a guiding vocal track and it even tracks whether you're singing sharp/flat or right on key!  (I have no idea what it means when you see no indicator at all – that's probably bad.)

(Note to self: The next time you're on this site in your living room and hitting those high notes on “With or Without You”, make sure the door and windows are closed!

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