Blind Search Test

Okay, after five months of almost non-stop political posts, I feel like I'm going to slowly transition back to library and technology posts (with a healthy mix of cute kid too!)  But I don't think I'll leave the politics behind completely – I've got a few posts percolating including a few thoughts on the role of blogs & new media in the leadership race, some of my fondest memories of the campaign and perhaps a campaign post-mortem on things that might have been done better or differently.  (Plus the next two years promise to be *very* interesting so I won't be able to resist chiming in on occasion.) 

But until then, here's a pretty cool site which allows you to do a search then presents three columns of anonymous results – one from Google, one from Yahoo! and one from Bing (Microsoft's new search engine).  You pick which set of results you like the best and then the logos of the different companies are revealed.  (I tended to pick Google on a few different tries but was surprised how often I ended up picking either Bing or Yahoo! as well.)

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