My Geek Chart (and a link to my CLA Presentation)

When I recently told someone I'd just been to the CLA conference, he replied “So you're a nerd then?”

“It's worse than that,” I replied.  “I happily spent the first day with the Emerging Technologies Interest Group.  So I'm like an uber-nerd of the library world!” 

In that spirit, here's my Geek Chart:

Headtale's Geek Chart

Here are the slides for the presentation I gave at the ETIG pre-conference.  A couple of them went wonky for some reasons – my best guess is that the file I was using got opened in Powerpoint (English version), Powerpoint (French version), NeoOffice on Mac and maybe one other program as well between the time that I designed the presentation and when I uploaded it.  I'll replace the file when I get a chance to fix these errors…

Finally, here's a link to the ETIG wiki for their pre-conference with links to some of the live blogging that was happening, Flickr pics and post-conference blog posts from some attendees. 

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