Meili Money Bomb A Major League Success!

The final numbers for the Meili Money Bomb have been released and it appears that Dr. Meili's campaign earned over $12 000.  That's 20% more than the $10 000 they hoped to raise (and I wonder if even the $10 000 figure was a bit of wishful thinking in some ways?  To be honest, I suspect nobody knew *what* to expect since this was the first time a money bomb was attempted in a political campaign in Canada.)  

The fact that it was Canada's first political money bomb (at least as far as I know – I stand to be corrected) made me think of a different way to put Ryan's money bomb into perspective.  He raised $12 000+ in a province that has a population of one million people.  If he were a candidate in the last US election, with their population of 300 million, that would be equivalent to a fundraising effort of $3.6 million dollars! ($12 000 x 300) On top of that, Ryan raised his money with a lot less media attention and viral attention than what was seen in the US (Ron Paul supporters, who did the first money bombs, set-up web sites with ongoing counters, promotional graphics and more.) 

Although his total didn't match the $6 million raised in the two most successful money bombs (one by Hillary Clinton, one by Ron Paul), it's more per capita than was raised by John McCain, Mitt Romney and even Barack Obama in their respective money bombs.   That's some pretty esteemed company (well, maybe not Romney! )

As I said elsewhere, whoever wins on Saturday, this definitely was a good test run for the types of techniques that will need to be used for the Sask NDP to be successful in the future! 

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