Ryan Meili's Favourite Endorsement and a New Tribute Video

Found this on Ryan's Facebook page where he labeled it “My Favourite Endorsement Yet…From a U of S Student”

Dear Ryan Meili,

I was in attendance at the U of S leadership forum. Of all the candidates, I thought you were the most compelling.

However, and I mean this with no disrespect, how do you expect to win
the leadership of the NDP? A soft-spoken, intelligent, articulate
doctor with a passion for social justice and democracy who does not
engage in partisan spin and wants to lead the party because he truly
cares about people and not politics… well that's the craziest thing
I've ever heard.

I'm almost certain that someone like Mr. Lingenfelter who knows how to
speak like a politician, needlessly attacks the SaskParty and Brad Wall
and compares them to Harper and Bush, draws unreasonable comparisons
between himself and Barack Obama, has the backing of business leaders,
and plays with his BlackBerry when he is at a leadership forum —
someone like that will probably win the leadership and fail to defeat
Mr. Wall's SaskParty in the next election.

If the NDP wants to attract young people, someone like yourself is
needed. Nay, YOU are needed. But allow me to get to the gist of my
letter. How dare you give me hope, sir? I have been wearing a Ryan
Meili button on my jacket, I donated $20 to your campaign (all I can
spare as a student) and I even intend to vote for you on June 6.

And if you still lose the leadership race, where will I be? I'll be
heartbroken and just as cynical as before. Well then, give'em hell,
Doctor. Rejuvenate this NDP!



I also see that somebody else has done a tribute video to Ryan using a different song than I did with mine and more of the publicly available photos of Ryan that are floating out there in cyber-space.  So if you want a few shots of Ryan when he's not being a politician or a doctor, check it out – very cool! 

(When I first posted my video, I debated uploading a couple different versions since there are so many good songs to choose from – “Revolution” by the Beatles seems obvious and I always thought “The Canadian Dream” by Sam Roberts would be a good fit lyrically although it's a bit low tempo for a video like this.) 

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  1. Anonymous wrote:

    This comment is for the previous blog entry concerning facebook tallies.
    You might also note that Dwain's 600 or so friends include a large number of people from Colombia (his current wife's country of origin). There is nothing wrong with the fact that her friends and relatives back home like him but it does tend to somewhat artificially inflate his numbers (not that they count for anything). I also saw a few names I know to be working on the Meili campaign. FYI.

    Posted 08 May 2009 at 11:27 pm
  2. Anonymous wrote:

    Hi Pablo,
    Yes, I was aware of that and had in fact, blogged about it earlier – even trying to do a count of exactly what percentage of Link's support might be coming from outside the country.
    I sometimes forget how many new readers my blog is getting due to my writing about the leadership campaign – I should always try to do pointers back to previous posts when relevant.
    As for the Meili-connected folks, there's a couple different takes on this – some people are showing their support for all candidates by becoming fans of all of them while others are waiting until after the leadership race to see if they'll get behind the eventual winner, assuming it's not their favoured candidate (I'd probably put myself in that category.)
    Thanks for the comment!

    Posted 09 May 2009 at 12:24 pm

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