Ryan Meili is Money Baby!

The NDP has released the names of everyone who has donated over $250 to one of the leadership candidates so far and I have to say, even as a Ryan Meili supporter, I was surprised to see that, when you look at the  donations from individuals, Ryan has raised nearly as much as Lingenfelter – $16 600 vs. $13 700.  (Deb Higgins has raised a shade more than Ryan at $14 000 and Yens Pedersen is at $3100.)  

Just as with looking at Facebook support, you have to take this with a grain of salt since Lingenfelter has raised a whackload from corporations, unions and individuals-who-donated-as-corporations which none of the other candidates have done (of the candidates who are “anybody but Lingenfelter”  only Pedersen got $1000 from a law firm – presumably his own?).

The list also doesn't tell the tale of small donations – is Meili raising a lot from his youthful supporters via $10 and $25 donations like Barack Obama did?   The David Forbes endorsement yesterday will also help raise Ryan's profile and legitimize him in the eyes of many within the party who may now give him a second look.   Plus who knows what endorsements are to come?

(Oh, and if you're curious, the PA Leadership Forum is being carried live by Missinipi Broadcasting. The doors open at 5pm – not sure when the debate begins.  Thanks to the Accidental Jurist for the head's up.)

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