Happy Zombie Jesus Day!

Some random thoughts from my extended long weekend (thanks for dying AND coming back a couple days later, Jesus – four day weekend, baby!)

– the high
school student sitting at the table outside the liquor store when I
stopped for some wine picked perhaps the single worst weekend to try to
sell fundraising chocolate bars.  “Maybe next year you can try
Valentine's Day?” I thought about quipping but realised he might have
heard a variation on this theme a couple times already. 

– when I made my
purchases at the 7-11, the total was $6.66.  Who knew the battle for my
immortal soul would happen at a 'Slev on Easter Sunday over a Big Gulp
and an Entertainment Weekly magazine?

– nothing to do
with Easter except that the Flames lost two pretty big games this
weekend to close out one of the biggest chokes in NHL history, letting
the Canucks catch up from a 15 point deficit to win the Division while
they dropped from 3rd to 5th and now must start on the road in the
first round instead of having home ice advantage.  SO disappointing!

– the spring
cleaning/decluttering we intended to do before our trip to Vegas a
month ago got in the way proceeded quite well this weekend – our house
will probably never get a spread in a fashion magazine ever but we got
rid of a LOT of crap.  Always tough to do for me – old clothes that
don't fit anymore (but they might someday!), computers I've had for
over a decade but that I spent so much time with, wedding gifts that
never got used/opened and finally made it to the garage sale bin.

Anyhow, here's one more link to tie it all together…Easter Humour for Atheists.

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