Mike Ribeiro's *Insane* Shootout Goal

I missed posting yesterday but that means I get to post this today.  There have been lots of great shootout goals since they brought the new rule into the NHL but usually players don't get too creative because they're still playing for points.  But perhaps because the season's almost over and Dallas and Colorado are already both eliminated from the playoffs, you get this beaut… 

(Oh, and since I'm discussing highlight reel goals, this is also a good place to mention that my rec hockey team's season ended a couple weeks ago and I scored the game-winning goal in our final game which we won 12-10.  My goal wasn't quite to the level of the clip below but it was close.  Okay, not really – goal mouth scramble, puck ends up on my stick, I manage to roof it without a) shooting into the sprawled out goalie, b) the teammate standing right in front of me c) the plexiglass behind the net.  Pretty good way to end the season anyhow.  We do have a couple young guys on our team who regularly do moves like this during games though.  Pretty crazy just to be on the ice with guys who can dangle like that.  Actually, it's amazing just to be on the ice with guys who aren't winded skating up the ice one time.  Okay, enough self-effacing humour…time for the real show…)

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