Correction: Dwain Lingenfelter's Google Mash-up Map Isn't Misleading

Loyal reader, Kent posted a comment in response to my last post about Dwain Lingenfelter's Google Map mash-up to tell me that I was wrong – the map does work and every push pin does have information about an event, you just have to click on the right *spot* on the push pin.

I'm big enough to admit when I'm wrong so I'll admit that now.  But because he made some pretty harsh accusations about my motives in his comments, I'd also like to explain why I drew attention to this. 

As I said in my response to Kent's comments, this is something I probably wouldn't even have noticed or tried to draw attention to except for the fact that there is a history of this type of digital expectation-setting already happening with the Lingenfelter campaign – first, with the number of supporters Lingenfelter has from outside the country on his Facebook fan page and then with the gaming of the ActUpInSask leadership poll.

Kent accuses me of ignoring the fact that other campaigns (Meili's and Pedersen's) are engaged in the same activities but I pointed out to him that I never excused this.  I admitted that both campaigns are also doing similar things. 

My major problem is that Lingenfelter is doing this to a much larger extent – while both Pedersen and Meili have supporters from outside the province on their Facebook pages, neither has such a concentrated group of not only non-Saskatchewan folks but non-Canadian as well.  Same thing with the leadership poll – all have gamed it to some degree (to the point that I think it hurts Act Up's credibility that they even host it to be honest) but Lingenfelter's supporters appear to have done it a much greater degree than any other candidate. 

The other problem is that this reinforces my point that Lingenfelter represents politics as usual in many ways.  This is only my impression but it seems that his campaign is so concerned with cementing their front runner status that they are doing things like this to ensure that they are seen as the front-runner *everywhere*. 

Anyhow, as penance, I thought I'd post a list of reasons why Lingenfelter would be a good leader for the NDP: 

1. Dwain Lingenfelter's political experience stretches back over three decades so he'd bring unmatched history to the position of NDP leader.
2.  His time working in government relations for Nexen Energy has allowed him to see the other side of the lobbyist game so that he will be well-positioned to make decisions based on what's best for the citizens of this province when he's leader of the NDP rather than what's best for lobbyists and corporations.
3. He has the support of the a large number of NDP MLA's so that makes a strong statement about who the party's upper echelon sees as their preference for leader.
4.  All of the leadership candidates (except maybe Deb Higgins?) have attempted to show their connection to Saskatchewan's agricultural sector but Lingenfelter is the only one who currently runs a family farm operation.
5.  This video of him playing with his kids in a hotel in Lake Louise, AB really humanizes him and  reminds you that everyone has different faucets to their life – even somebody who's been in the public eye for as long as Link has. 

(Stayed tuned for my list of “10 Reasons Ryan Meili Would Make a Great NDP Leader” sometime in the near future! )

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  1. Anonymous wrote:

    The post which is entirely based on a lie should be removed if you are honestly sorry for smearing Lingenfelter and his campaign as being immoral.
    So the issue you have is that Lingenfelter has more friends and family from outside the province and country then Pedersen or Meili? Did you have an issue when Obama had family and friends from Kenya support his campaign? Screwing with an online poll if it is wrong is wrong no matter which campaign does it more. If you have an issue with it then you should have an equal issue with Lingenfelter, Meili and Pedersen. However, you say Meili and Pedersen both do it but somehow their level is not as bad as Lingenfelter.
    Doing politics the old school way would be attempting to smear other campaigns on falsehoods like the post claiming Lingenfelter creating false events is immoral when they did no such thing. Lingenfelter having friends and family from another country join is not old school politics but simply family supporting family. Though what number of friends and family from outside Saskatchewan can a leadership candidate have for it to be acceptable and what number crosses the line from acceptable to doing politics the old way? Because it seems that you have created arbitrary rules for Lingenfelter that do not apply to any other campaigns.
    Old school politics is about doing politics in a mean spirited way like attempting to smear another campaign as being “immoral”. Having family and friends join is not mean spirited but loved ones showing support for a friend or family member. If it is not wrong for Meili, Pedersen or Higgins then it not wrong for Lingenfelter.
    I would hope you would remove the smear attempt on Lingenfelters campaign. It certainly does not represent the Meili campaign in a positive light when a campaign supporter and volunteer talks about doing politics in a new way but has no issue fabricating an issue in order to call Lingenfelter immoral.

    Posted 29 Mar 2009 at 3:54 pm
  2. Anonymous wrote:

    Why do you think this post should be removed? I'm honestly curious as to what you think that would accomplish?
    What's the arbitrary number? I don't know – having more supporters on your Facebook page who appear to be from South America than from the province you're running in seems like a pretty good gauge of where you've crossed a line to me!
    I didn't fabricate an issue – as I've stated repeatedly, I made a mistake in assessing why Link's Google Map appeared to have incorrect information and given his past history, thought it was evidence of more of the same.

    Posted 29 Mar 2009 at 5:36 pm
  3. Anonymous wrote:

    It should be removed because you are calling the Lingenfelter campaign immoral for something that is a lie.
    So Meili having supporters from outside the province would also cross the line?
    Jason, honest mistakes do happen and I can understand that but the post comes off as a pure political attack given the attempt to paint one campaign as being immoral.

    Posted 29 Mar 2009 at 7:55 pm

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