Five Things I Wanted To Do In Vegas That I Never Got Around To

1. Visit one of their local libraries. 
2. Take in a second show besides “Love” (Penn & Teller would've been awesome as would have any of the other Cirque shows)
3. Eat at In 'n' Out Burger – a no-frills California chain that's sort of like McDonald's but with high-quality, healthy ingredients. 
4. Put $10 on the Flames to win the Stanley Cup.
5. Pay $8 for a plain old rye & coke (oh wait, I did do that.  Sure, it was stiff as hell but still, such a rip-off!  Vegas doesn't have nearly the number of deals that it used to – no cheap buffets, no free gifts to entice you into the casino, not a lot of casinos give you free money ($5 or $10) when you first join a players club, etc.)

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