Live From Las Vegas, It's…A Quick Summary of My Trip To Vegas

Sitting in McCarran airport in Vegas just waiting for our flight departure.  After a couple *really* close calls on the way down – both in Regina (long security line-up) and Calgary (half-hour delay leaving Regina due to aforementioned long security lines meant we had half an hour to sprint through Calgary airport, clear customs, find our gate and get boarded) so we're not taking any chances this time and are here a couple hours early.

At least the return flight is direct to Regina and at least we're with Grandpa and Grandma this time so we have an extra set of hands (as I type this, I think Pace is off with Grandpa somewhere – probably sitting at a slot machine!)

It's been a fast, overwhelming, crazy week so I'll just hit on some highlights…
– I usually suck at gambling and have never won a significant amount in my life (I think my previous best “big win” was when I won $80 – ironically on my first day the last time I was in Vegas when I was 21) but this time, I won $300 my first day after putting in $20 ($10 of my own money which was the daily limit I'd set for myself and $10 of the casino's money which is what I got for signing up for their player's card.)  How often do you go on a vacation where it could end up paying for itself?  Of course, the refrain became “Well, you won $300 so this is covered” whether I was buying clothes for Pace, a meal for the family, show tickets, our hotel room or whatever – a phrase all of Shea and I kept repeating long after the $300 was gone! 

– went to Cirque Du Soleil's “Love” show at The Mirage last night and as a huge Beatles fan, I was nervous that it wouldn't live up to my expectations.  And it didn't – it exceeded them.  Greatly!  SUCH a great show.  I only wish we'd had the financial wherewithal (and time) to take in more Cirque shows – both Ka and O are supposed to be amazing as well. 

– the fountain show at The Bellagio was stunning.  They apparently spent $40 million developing it. 

– the Fremont Street Experience downtown was pretty cool as well and downtown Vegas is a nice break from the chaos of the Strip.

– the Sirens show in front of Treasure Island was pretty cheesy but the price was right. 

– the Spice Market Buffet at Planet Hollywood was delicious – about half a dozen different stations encompassing categories such as Asian, Mexican, American, Desserts, Seafood, Middle Eastern, Italian and perhaps 1-2 others I'm forgetting. 

Anyhow, those are a few of the highlights of the week off the top of my head.  I may do a more detailed report later (or maybe not).  Oh, and Shea'll likely have photos up on Flickr later this weekend so watch for that too. 

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