Web 2.0 Is Eating My Brain

I've got Web 2.0 on the brain lately. 

After former FIMS classmate and current RPL colleague Trudi S. gave a very well-received “Introduction to Web 2.0” session for a mixture of staff members from across the RPL system, I was asked by one of our branch heads if I could repeat this training for them during their next staff meeting so all of their staff members could hear the presentation. 

Knowing there was a huge untapped demand for this type of training, I decided to extend the offer to all of our branches and so far four of them have taken me up on it.  So tomorrow I'm doing my first session and quite looking forward to it.  Having done nearly fifty of these types of sessions for the branch librarians across Southeast Regional Library, I'm sure my spiel will come back to me quite quickly!

Plus I'm also working on developing an RPL-specific version the “23 Things/5 Weeks to a Social Library“-type programs that you'll find in various libraries across North America and around the world.  Hopefully we can get that launched in a timely fashion and capitalize on the interest generated by a column written by one of our branch librarians on the topic of “23 Things” for our internal e-newsletter, the session Trudi did and another session we're holding in March on the specific use of Web 2.0 technologies at RPL. 

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