Top Tech Trends 2009

About once a month, give or take, RPL hosts an Education Institute presentation that staff members can attend.  Today's session is Micheal Stephens giving his annual “Top Tech Trends” presentation and I was looking forward to it quite a bit. 

Unfortunately, both Shea and I got hit hard with the flu last night so instead, today is a sick day with the two of us trying to find the energy between us to watch one kid who isn't sick and who also happens to be a perpetual motion machine. 

Stephens has his Powerpoint slides online so it's not like I'm not getting a sense of what he'll be talking about.  But it's still good to hear the actual presentation and any discussion that may ensue.  (I was fortunate enough to hear the presentation live in 2006 when I attended OLA.)

The first thing on his list for this year is “The Cloud Becomes Ubiquitous” and that's a coincidence because I spent a bit of time last weekend uploading a bunch of documents to Google Docs.  I haven't yet decided to put anything too private or too essential up but things like a list of books I've read, a list of books I want to read, a To Do list (I know there are other services for this but my list is pretty basic and easily managed as a single Word document), a scratchpad for ideas for my SLA presentation in May, a scratchpad for ideas of my take on the Great Canadian Novel.  

What else?  I guess that's about it for now.  Later…

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