Shea's First Flickr Photo

Thought about posting a photo since I just got back from hockey and barely have the energy to do up a single-link, one line post, let alone write something original (although I thought about typing something about the unofficial “rules” of rec hockey since I've had a pretty good run lately – had a goalie jump me last week, had a guy challenge me to a fight tonight – and I'm not a dirty or lippy player by any stretch of the imagination – honest!)

But anyhow, as I clicked over to Shea's Flickr account to see what she's uploaded lately (I have a Flickr account too but hers is the main one we use), I thought it might be interesting to see what Shea's first ever Flickr upload was instead. 

Turns out it's a photo that's somewhat appropriate since we're going through a deep cold stretch here of -40 weather and this shot from Niagara Falls seems to fit that mood.  (Don't we look photoshopped in as well?) 

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