YouTube Surpasses Yahoo! As The Second Most Popular Search Engine – Is YouTube the Next Google?

In library school, we learned that young people today have become visual learners (to the point that their brain patterns are physically different than people in previous generations!) 

While people of our parents age learned through books and people of my generation (Gen X) were like the transitional conductor between text and video, them crazy kids today are doing almost all their learning in a visual manner – whether via television, movies, video games or other methods.  So it only makes sense that YouTube is becoming a force in the world of search which has traditionally been a text-based environment.  In fact, some predict that YouTube will supplant Google as the search engine of choice!  From that article:

He mentioned that his son accesses the web through YouTube. At first, I didn't get it and thought Ian was making a joke.
But then I realized he was not. Whenever his son needed any
information, he would open up YouTube, type in the search term and then
just watch the videos that showed up as matches. He never Googled
anything; he never went to any other site; his entire web experience
was confined to YouTube videos

As someone with a great interest in the impact of video online (but not enough to keep up a second blog about it – if you're interested in the topic, I recommend VideoNuze), all I can say is “wow” and “wow!”

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