Books I've Read More Than Once

I once did a post on authors whose books I've read more than one of as a way to assess who my favourite authors are. After re-reading “The Road” by Cormac McCarthy, I realised I could do something similar by listing the books that I've read more than once.  This is an incomplete list, just going from memory and ones that jump to mind.  One interesting finding – although I probably read 90% non-fiction these days, it's 90% fiction that I go back to more than once.

“Charlotte's Web” – EB White
“Fight Club” – Chuck Palahniuk
“Phantom: Story of His Life” – Susan Kaye
“Skipped Parts” – Tim Sandlin
“Slaughterhouse Five” – Kurt Vonnegut
“Stuck in Neutral” – Terry Trueman
“The Cay” – Theodore Taylor
“The Diary of Anne Frank” – Anne Frank
“The Road” – Cormac McCarthy
“Time's Arrow” – Martin Amis

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