Liveblogging The Election

Well, CNN has inspired me to start a live blog which I'll update as the night goes on…feel free to hit REFRESH if you want to hear my deep thoughts as the night progresses…

CNN has unveiled HOLOGRAMS into their coverage.  Jessica Yellin has just appeared in the studio like some weird Princess Leia!  (Oh God, she just made that analogy herself!)  But as Shea pointed out, “how comes the US has the technology to do holograms but not voting machines?”)

So weird to watch TV and not be inundated with campaign commercials.

My out-there prediction.  Obama will take North Dakota, my neighbour to the south.

Did they just show a checkmark by Obama's name in Vermont with NO polls reporting?

Wrestled the laptop back from Shea who's on her way to her first yoga class.  So it's Pace and Daddy watching the election for the first part of the evening.  (We've taught Pace to say Obama but it sounds like “Bubba”. We also taught him to say “McCain” but it sounds like “loser”.)

Wildest rumours of the election:
1) by far, that Obama euthanized his grandma the day before the election to maximize the impact of the announcement and thwart any last minute GOP attacks. 

Other insane ones include:
2)  the GOP is throwing the election on purpose so that they'll come back strong in 2012 when Obama is unable to clean up the shitstorm they left behind. 
3) Palin is purposely undercutting McCain so she can run in 2012 (okay, that's not so far fetched.)

Related to a couple of those last rumours – why would ANY Republican want to follow GW Bush?  And I guess, why would any Democrat?

And did I mention that I much prefer the US practice of broadcasting results as they come in rather than the Canadian style of having staggered poll closing times so that all polls come in at (roughly) the same time.  If you're going to change your vote or not vote at the last minute because of what's happened on the east coast, you probably don't deserve to vote anyhow!

Liveblogging may end prematurely.  Pace just fell asleep on my lap and I think tonight I'd rather cuddle with him than move him.  Completely unrelated to the election, I just started re-reading “The Road” – god, what a great book!

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