A Celebrity Filled Day (Yes, In Regina)

Went over to the downtown mall for lunch today as I forgot my customary lunch o' leftovers.  It was packed in the food court so I ended up sharing a table with a guy who turned out to be the guitarist from a band who were a bit of a one-hit wonder in the early 2000's.  (They did end up getting a song on the 90210 soundtrack so you can't do much better than that!)  To hear their big tune, click on this link then select “Rock” then “May B Ted – Wet”. 

Then, at Beer Bros Pub for “Books to Beers” after work, who's sitting at the bar but Corner Gas's  Officer Davis?  (I was there before everyone else arrived but was still too chicken to go up and thank him for being the poster boy for Sask Library Week last year.) 

And to top it off, the waitress mentions that she recently worked on the set of Stephen King's “Dolan's Cadillac” which was shot in Regina earlier this year.  Christian Slater was the star and when I look up the film when I get home, it turns out it was directed by a guy I went to University with (which means I have a Kevin Bacon number of 3!)

Anyhow, life sure is exciting in the big city!

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  1. Anonymous wrote:

    And, AND, I too was at the downtown mall at lunchtime. One more celebrity for your list. Because I'm sure I'm totally famous.
    – James K.

    Posted 31 Oct 2008 at 5:03 am
  2. Anonymous wrote:

    One of those anonymous Internet-based celebrities but that still counts!

    Posted 02 Nov 2008 at 5:57 am
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