"Barry's Infomercial"

In addition to going to my usual sources to read responses to the Barack Obama half-hour, less than a week to go “infomercial”, I went to a fairly popular right-wing blog called Little Green Footballs to see what kind of response the speech got there

Just like my conversation with the library technician from the Regina Christian School at the Teen Literacy Forum on Monday, it's always interesting to get some insight into people who have diametrically opposed views to your own.  (Sample quote from the RCS Librarian: “We have certain…restrictions…on what we can buy.  But as long as a story shows good triumphing over evil, we'll consider it for our library.  That's our main criteria…good over evil.”  She also said something about the main goal of school being to promote conformity or something.  So there were some things we agreed on!  )

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