You Just Knew This Would Happen When…

…I bumped into my Director and Deputy Director at the Ottawa Airport and was like “So, you're on the 6:45pm flight too?” 
“No, 7pm” was the reply. 
We quickly realised the slight difference was because they were flying Air Canada and I was flying WestJet. 
“Oh, you'll beat us by 15 minutes then!” they joked.  “Or maybe more since we have a quick stopover in Toronto.”
“Well, I've got to go to Calgary then back to Regina so I think you'll probably beat me.”

How right I was.  When I got to my gate, I found out that there was some sort of wind storm in Calgary so they were delaying all incoming traffic at its source.  We finally got away from Ottawa half an hour late but when I got to Calgary a few hours later, I soon realised that I'd missed my connection.  (Hearing my name called over the PA system was a pretty big clue.) 

I was pretty anxious to get home after a few days away so this is a big disappointment but I'm trying to stay zen about it – they've put me up at the Airport Delta, I'm waiting for some supper to arrive (also comped), I've got a free in-room Internet connection (luckily I didn't accept the $10 rip-off wireless access the clerk offered when I asked about Internet) and I'll be home later tomorrow morning. 

I'm about as burnt out as you can get so I think I'll leave it there and maybe type more about the HR Summit and other related topics over the next few days.   Good-night…

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