Google Newspaper Archive

Yet another groundbreaking Google project was announced a month ago. I didn't blog about it at the time but I recently rediscovered it via the Vancouver Law Librarian blog which made me realise the full scope of this project already. So I thought I better pass it along.

So Google's announcement that it will be digitizing archives of newspapers from around the globe is pretty cool. And not just just the articles, but also ads, headlines, and photos–in short, all that peripheral content from outside the day's story.
There doesn’t appear to be a comprehensive list of newspapers participating, and coverage does seem a bit patchy still. But a few random searches pulled hits from the Vancouver Times from as far back as 1864, and the Vancouver Daily Post from 1865. And on the proud Canadian front, the Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph (according to Google, the oldest newspaper in North America) is also there, along with a 1822 copy of the Montreal Herald.

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