Lame Library Joke Told at the Investors Group Comedy Tour

My parents got invited to the Investors Group cross-Canada comedy tour stop in Regina tonight and invited Shea and I to join them. The second comedian, Tim Nutt, began his act this way…

“Alright Regina! How y'all doing? Thursday night in Regina – must be exciting – let's go down to the nice theatre and hang out with our financial planners.” (I laughed at that.) “What're we going to do next? Go down to the liberry (yep, he actually mis-pronounced it), find some noisy people and shush them?”

The worst part? This joke brought the house down too. Old stereotypes die hard I guess. So in all fairness, I'll throw a similarly lame joke back his way and even give you a choice of punchlines.

“How many comedians does it take to change a lightbulb?”

1. Two – one to ask the librarian to read the manual to them and one to change the bulb.

2. None, they're all in the dark anyhow.

3. Just one – as long as his name is Dewey!

Hey, lookit me! I'm a cum-median.

(He did point out during one badly received, sexist joke that “You may not be aware that you are at a comedy show. There is an outside chance that I may be joking, you know.” And to be fair, he was still the funniest of the three comics who performed including a guy who'd been on “In Living Color” back in the day.)

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