Friday Fun Link: The Internet Changes Politics (Small Fry Version) (July 25, 2008)

I've previously written about the 2.0-esque campaign that Barack Obama has run this year – embracing cutting-edge technology, bottom-up organizing, social networking, the wisdom of crowds and all that good stuff.

Here is a smaller scale example – a young IT professional in Kansas, partly inspired by Barack Obama, decides to run for State Legislature.  He calculates the amount of money he would need to likely beat the incumbent and then, using all the technology tools at his disposal (including a take-off on the popular web-only XKCD comic strip), makes his appeal for 3000 people to donate about ten bucks each

The election's not until November but the cool thing is that he managed to achieve this goal incredibly fast and is still raising money beyond what he initially hoped for.

(via MetaFilter which, in true 2.0 style, has a comment from the guy who's running for office in the thread about his campaign)

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