Evolution Proven in Lab

This story's a month old now but I'm not sure how many people saw it – a scientist who studied bacteria for 44 000 generations (since 1988) has observed the bacteria mutating and after 33 000 generations, one of these mutations led to them evolving a new way to eat. 

Out of the blue, their bacteria had abandoned Lenski's their glucose-only diet and had evolved a new way to eat.

I didn't bookmark it but if I can find it again, there's a pretty hilarious rebuke by Professor Lenski to a Creationist asking him to send some of the bacteria along so he can replicate the experiment.

(In other news, I sometimes feel bad about how far from librarianship this blog has drifted lately.  But then I justify it by thinking, “Librarians are the types of people who are interested in everything and anything.  And that is definitely what you're getting here! )

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