PowerThirst – KENYANS!

I was recently introduced to energy drinks by a friend who recommended them as a hangover cure.  I haven't had a hangover for – how old is Pace now? – 13 months or so.  (Er, not counting the post-SLA conference “Books to Beers” event at the Free House – that one hurt a bit.  I blame Jessamyn.)

But that's beside the point.  You've probably seen the energy drinks – when Shea ran in to 7-11 to buy me one in Calgary, she said “When did they take over the drink case?”

Now, back in the day, energy drinks were named Jolt Cola and that was good enough.  Apparently this new version has the added benefit (?) of vitamins.  To which I say, “Whoopdee-doo – bring on the caffiene levels certified to give you heart arrithmia please!”. 

Yes, I do have the occasional energy drink.  I can justify it because I don't drink coffee.  Or smoke crack. 

Which is all a long preamble to say I was drinking Bushwakker beer I imported to Calgary for a friend (who coincidentally is the brother of the guy who first recommended energy drinks to me.)  We're both responsible fathers now (he's a newly certified medical doctor for godssake) so we weren't consuming to the levels we may have at one point in our lives. 

But when he showed me this video, I thought it was the funniest thing I'd seen in a long time…

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