Boring Real Life Stuff

I couldn't think what to post about so Shea suggested I give an update from my real life.  So here it is…

– tonight we went for a big walk and ended up in River Park just down the hill from where we live in Weyburn.  There was an In Motion celebration going on and Pace loved dancing and clapping and running around (yes, he's running now!) to the zydeco band that was playing.

– we're going to Calgary for a week, leaving tomorrow.  Our main goals are to hit the zoo, do some shopping (Saskies have to make a pilgrimage to IKEA), visit some relatives and friends since we haven't been back since moving home in 2004 after having lived there for three and a half years

– blog posts may be a bit more sparse for the next week (but knowing me, probably not.)

– I had a day at work today where I accomplished tons, the time flew by, I wrapped up pretty much everything I needed to do before going on holidays.  I love days like that!

– I'm on the road tomorrow doing weeding all day at one of our branches.  This is completely different than smoking weed all day at one of our branches which is a practice that went out of fashion around 1977.

– Hockey is over.  The other blood sport, the Democratic nomination proces is over.  How will I entertain myself this summer.  (Voice from next room: “Go outside!”)

– I could see myself developing an addiction to energy drinks.  I'd never tried them before but on a friend's recommendation, I gave it a shot and zowee-wowee.  Them things pack a punch!

– Did I mention that I hope to visit a few of my old favourite CPL branches while in Cowtown? 

– we probably won't go out to the mountains while we're there.  We rarely did in the three and a half years we lived there – why change now?  But seriously, we've got a pretty full week just with Calgary stuff so it's doubtful if we'll manage to head out that way.

– I've got a list of old favourite restaurants I want to visit as well.  Beef satay at Viet West, chicken schwarma at Falafel King and a pizza from Hop n Brew are all on the menu.

– we've already been invited to a hot tub party – yay!

That's about it.  Later…

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