Where You Sit in A Classroom and What It Says About You

I don't do a lot of posts that earn the “libraryschool” tag anymore but this one seems appropriate. 

I was both a “back row” and an “against the wall” type student but also tended to sit furthest from the exit which means I'm “too cool for school”, sensitive and apparently committed (assuming people who sit nearest the exit are uncommitted.) 

In reality, where I sat just meant I liked to have a perch that allowed me to view the entire room in case anybody decided to make any sudden moves!

I know this is only a humourous cartoon but I think somebody could get a lot more mileage out of this idea – perhaps as a full blog post.  I'll leave that to others to attempt as my memories of what your seat position in a classroom might mean have long faded.

(via Reddit whose comments reveal that law schools often have assigned seating.  Didn't know that…)

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