Friday Fun Link – TimeTube: YouTube Timelines Mashup (May 9, 2008)

TimeTube is a site that creates a timeline of YouTube videos based on any keyword you enter and sorted based on the date they were added.  You can also
view the results in a couple other modes – “list view”, “flipbook” and
“map view” for videos that have been tagged with a location. 

They have some samples of how this works best – things like major news stories that develop over time.  For example, you can see a timeline of Barack Obama videos from when he first came to national prominence on through the Democratic primary right up until his most recent speech.  It's not just for news stories – trying pretty much any keyword can provide interesting results.  I've tried “Saskatchewan” and “Library 2.0” so far although, for these types of searches, it's probably just as easy to look at YouTube's “Sort by Date Added” feature. 

One other major shortcoming of the site, evidenced by the lack of links for my sample timelines above – you can't link directly to a TimeTube that you've created.

Still, a very cool mash-up that has a lot of potential, especially as YouTube continues to gain content about all manner of subjects over time.

(via Reddit)

[2008-05-11 – TechCrunch has a good summary of the site's good and bad points as well.]

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