Canada Is Today's Frontier Upon Which The War of File-Sharing Legality Is Being Waged

I have to admit that I've been cheating on MetaFilter.  Once a site that I had to spend quality time with on a daily basis, it had slipped and been replaced in my affection by Reddit, a sexy little site which has a lot more technology news, a lot more politics, a lot more humour, all in a “what will it have today?” format that makes for quick and easy browsing.  (Put another way: MetaFilter = The New Yorker, Reddit = People). 

So anyhow, my recent visit with Jessamyn inspired me to try to make at least a little bit of time to get back to checking MetaFilter on a more regular basis.  My decision was quickly rewarded when I came across the following post which I've copied verbatim from MetaFilter. 

“With the possible exception of Sweden,
Canada is today's frontier upon which the war of file-sharing legality
is waged, with the greatest number of file-sharers per capita, and a
steady increase in the number of persons who partake (
according to the OECD). Historically, the CRIA's own piracy campaign (2004) was given birth only one year after the RIAA began suing individuals (2003) for participating in peer-to-peer file distribution. Unlike the RIAA, the CRIA was shot down by the courts, establishing a sort of precedent in favour of the end-user which has been upheld ever since, and indeed even reinforced. However, we may be seeing the beginning of the end as QuebecTorrent now fights the good fight to prevent a legal precedent outlawing Canadian BitTorrent trackers.”

(via MetaFilter)

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