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I recently
posted the second annual “Head Tale Blog Survey” to find out a bit
about the visitors to this site – how they get here, what they like
about the site, what they want to see more of and so on.

Here are some of the results…

– 75% of
respondents read the site via RSS with 55% occasionally clicking
through to the site and 20% never clicking through.  25% visit directly
via a bookmark. 

– it was pretty
evenly split between Google Reader and Bloglines with 60-40% for each
respective service.  Even though I love it and have raved about it on
this blog multiple times, no one uses

– 30% of people
read/visit the site when they see a new post, 12% visit multiple times
per day, 20% visit daily, 20% visit every few days, 6% visit weekly and
12% visit “whenever the mood strikes me”.  Nobody answered “monthly or
less frequently” but then again, I don't think I've had the post up for
a month yet!

– Given that the
blog started when I was in library school and is known mostly to people
who are either professors, alumni, former colleagues from when I was
attending FIMS or current students there now (and the same categories
from other library schools to a lesser degree), it's no surprise that
“Library related” and “Library school” are, by far, the most popular
types of posts being picked by 87% and 73% of respondents.  Other
popular categories with more than 50% of people picking them were
“Work-Related” (a new category I added to the survey this year) and
“Miscellaneous Ramblings” (which sort of surprised me as I don't do a
lot of these and tend to not like them as they often feel unfocused and
random.  But hey, didn't I just describe 90% of blogs in general?)

“Baby-related”, “Pop Culture”, “Technology” and “Humour” were all just
under the 50% level in terms of popularity with survey respondents.

– Everything
else got at least a double-digit approval rating except “Hockey” which
only got a 6% approval rating including one person who went so far as
to write-in “I like everything you write about except hockey!”

– Sending a strong message to get back to the theme that this blog started with (a message which I may or may not hear! ),
“Library-related” was not only the most popular category for posts I do
now but also, by far, the category people would like to see more posts
in with 67% of respondents citing it.  “Work related” (which you can
probably view as a vote for “library related” in some ways) and
“Miscellaneous ramblings” were the other top vote getters in this

– “Comments”
were by far the most popular widget with people indicating that they
read them, even if they don't post them.  Every other widget got at
least a vote or two except for the LastFM “last song played” widget and
the Regina/Calgary/London weather widget (but I use that one on a daily
basis so it ain't going anywhere!)

– Maybe
surprisingly, 100% of respondents who answered the question liked that
this blog has daily posts!  (If I remember correctly, last year, it was
only a slight majority who thought this was important.)  Thanks for the
vote of support folks.  I'll try to keep it up (even if I have to
occasionally “fudge” time stamps the following day to do so!).

– the general
comments were very supportive of what I do with this blog and it was
nice to see that the respondents included a few former
classmates/colleagues from FIMS because I didn't know if those folks
were still “out there” reading now that we've all gone our separate

– Pace got lots
of kudos as well and I'm sure he'll continue to be a regular feature on
the blog.  (Idea for a future post – the security/privacy issues around
putting up pictures and updates about him – something I've thought
about a lot while doing my computer/Internet training sessions the past
three months.  I didn't show Shea's Flickr account or our YouTube
videos at every workshop but occasionally it would come up and then I
often had to explain our choice to put this type of material on the
Internet to people who still buy into that media-generated hysteria
about pedophiles lurking around every URL and IP address.)

– as for ideas for other future posts from the respondents, I can address this one right now: Will a Large Hadron Collider experiment create a mini black hole that consumes the earth? Or, do aliens blog more than humans?” 

Answer: Uhm, no idea.  And also, no idea. (Next time, I'm going to
include a question about what you're smoking when you fill out the

Comments 6

  1. Anonymous wrote:

    So, I may not have been paying attention… but THANK YOU for pointing out Netvibes. I'm loving it.

    Posted 23 Mar 2008 at 6:33 pm
  2. Anonymous wrote:

    I also use NetVibes. I find some things annoying, but it's a useful little thingummy.

    Posted 24 Mar 2008 at 2:36 pm
  3. Anonymous wrote:

    I'm curious what you find annoying?

    Posted 25 Mar 2008 at 3:28 am
  4. Anonymous wrote:

    Glad to hear I managed to convert at least a couple people!

    Posted 25 Mar 2008 at 3:29 am
  5. Anonymous wrote:

    I find it takes rather a long time to load, and I haven't found yet a really quick way to organise the items (f'rinstance, I have the feeds from a bunch of blogs on one page, and sometimes I'd like them arranged by 'most recently updated', and other times alphabetically, and I haven't found a really quick way to do that).
    In general, I'm not the world's biggest fan of 'stuff aggregators', but of the ones I've seen, this is in my top three.

    Posted 26 Mar 2008 at 7:30 pm
  6. Anonymous wrote:

    I'm with you on the speed to load thing – the way I get around that is to leave the window open in my browser 24/7 (which apparently the majority of their users do according to one interview I read.)
    As for arranging stuff, I have tabs for different “categories” – one for library blogs, one for friend blogs, one for news, one for tech news, etc. There's never more than 10-20 tabs on a page so it's not too hard to scroll down and see what's been updated recently at a glance. Not perfect but workable.
    Which are your other two? Google Reader and Bloglines? Those seem like the two biggies for people.

    Posted 29 Mar 2008 at 4:54 am

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