IIPA Slam Canada For Not Fixing Copyright "Deficiencies", CBC to release program via BitTorrent DRM-free

A couple copyright-related stories that warm the cockles of my Canadian heart…

While the inclusion of China and Russia on the “Priority Watch List”
isn't surprising, the report also has strong words for a more
surprising: Canada.

ESA, IIPA slam Canada for not fixing copyright “deficiencies”

Sources indicate that the CBC is set to become the first major North
American broadcaster to freely release one of its programs without DRM
using BitTorrent.  This Sunday, CBC will air
Canada Next Great Prime Minister
The following day, it plans to freely release a high-resolution version
via peer-to-peer networks without any DRM restrictions.  This
development is important not only because it shows that Canada's public
broadcaster is increasingly willing to experiment with alternative
forms of distribution, but also because it may help crystallize the net
neutrality issue in Canada.

(via Michael Geist)

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