FTRW 2008 – "The Charms of Wikipedia" (with discussion of the policy of deleting of "non-notable" articles)

Author Nicholson Baker takes a look at Wikipedia and includes a critique of the number of articles being deleted for less-than-solid reasons.  [Edit to add a link to the article which is a pretty important detail to leave out!]

In the fall of 2006, groups of editors went around getting rid of
articles on webcomic artists—some of the most original and articulate
people on the Net. They would tag an article as nonnotable and then
crowd in to vote it down. One openly called it the “web-comic articles
purge of 2006.” …
Rob Balder, author of a webcomic called PartiallyClips,
likened the organized deleters to book burners, and he said: “Your
words are polite, yeah, but your actions are obscene. Every word in
every valid article you've destroyed should be converted to profanity
and screamed in your face.”

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