Heading Home

For the most part, I've really enjoyed being on the road for the past month and a half (with one month still to go roughly).  In fact, I'm thinking that if I don't find a position when this contract ends, I might just offer myself out as a “Internet & computer training consultant” to other library systems across the province! 

Then again, there are times, such as the last couple days when I spent two nights at my parent's house away from Shea and Pace since I was working in communities closer to my hometown than to Weyburn, that it really wears on me, especially after long days like today (which still aren't over – I'm sitting in the library in Broadview, SK waiting for my evening session to start in 15 minutes.)  Then I have a two hour drive home after that.  But the reward at the end of the road makes it all worthwhile…

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