"My computer crashed and I have a CD with all the files – how do I get my e-mail address book back?"

In homage to RefGrunt, here's a sample of some of the topics I addressed and questions I helped people with during my two “Ask The Computer Guru” drop-in sessions and two “Everything You Want To Know about the Internet” presentations today…

– how to restore the e-mail address book from a crashed computer to a new computer's email program when the patron has a CD of recovered files
– how to login to SaskTel's webmail service
– why you would want to do this instead of just downloading the messages
– using Cyndi's List to find census information
– show a 77 year old woman how to sign up for Facebook so her kids and grandkids will stop bugging her to join
– the difference between Hotmail and “regular” (ie. SaskTel) mail
– reasons E-Bay is especially useful for people in rural areas
– reasons why SaskTel e-mail might not be downloading for a person
– is Facebook safe?
– Google's latest “coolest” products including Google Book, Google Earth and Google StreetView
– how often does Canada411.com
update their directories?  (I guessed annually with the release of the
new phone books but the woman asking the question claims that her one
son's new phone number never showed up while his old one has been
listed for three years even though he's moved multiple times since then)

– how to get pictures off a digital camera to a computer then onto the web…

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