Some Thoughts on Satellite Radio

I joked a few entries ago that being on the road doing computer training in rural libraries might mean I have more time for blogging.  Wrong!  I'm just back to my hotel now, at the end of a jam-packed 13-hour day.  Tomorrow will potentially be an even longer day as I will hit two nearby towns for six hours of training each.  The good news is that I finish early on Friday – except I still have a 2.5 hour drive home to Regina. 

One good piece of news coming out of all this is that my sister and brother-in-law gave my parents a satellite radio system for Christmas and since the intention was for my parents to mostly use it in spring, summer and fall while they're camping or boating, I get to break it in while I'm on the road for the next couple months.

So today was my first day with the gimzo and it's a great break from the 6 or so AM stations I can pick up (2 oldies, 2 talk radio/CBC, 2 country) and the 3 or so FM stations that come in depending on how far I am from Regina (1 country, CBC2 and 1 that apparently only plays AC/DC). 

There are issues – it's worse than a TV remote for encouraging clicking from channel to channel which is fine if you're parked on a couch, not so great if you're piloting a vehicle.  They could use a few stations – they have an Elvis channel and a Springsteen channel but no Beatles channel (I'd never change the channel then either which would be a nice safety feature.)  They have BBC1 but no Britpop channel.  I'd love to hear a channel that plays a wide variety of classic albums from all genres and eras in their entirety (another thing that would discourage couch driver's side surfing.)

I don't know if I'd buy one for myself for either home or car since I listen to CD's, MP3's and Net Radio mostly. But for the next two months, it'll be a great companion as I travel the backroads of SE Saskatchewan.

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