For Your New Year's Baby (or If You're Expecting One Soon), You Need Nymbler

From the people who brought you the endlessly fascinating, Baby Name Wizard's “Name Voyageur” web site which shows the popularity of various names during the past 100 years, a new web site called Nymbler – Your Personal Baby Name Assistant which provides baby name recommendations.

Some of their suggestions when we put in “Jason” and “Shea” as “Inspirations” included: Brian, Kier, Shea (for a boy), Bryn, Logan, Cael, Eamon, Ione, Quinn, Sybil.  Not a Pace to be found but I think Shea said that name wasn't in their database at all.  And some of their suggestions (I didn't list them all) were on our shortlist so maybe there's something to it?

Oh, and if you're interested in this type of thing, the print version of the Baby Name Wizard is great fun as well – even better than the web site because it lists suggested sibling names, categorizes names in a variety of different ways and gives more information about each name in general.

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