"JCB Song" – Nizlopi

Last year, I posted a series of videos during the week of Christmas so I thought I'd carry on the tradition this year. 

JCB Song” is a great song to start with this year.  It's not really a Christmas song but was contender for the UK Christmas #1 a few years ago.  The song has a wonderful story behind it, especially for a new father like myself or for any parent (or for anybody who's been a kid for that matter – so yeah, a great song anybody can enjoy! ).

The songwriter was dyslexic as a child and was often bullied and harassed because of this.  One day, his dad picked him up from school in a JCB digger (like the North American Caterpiller) after coming straight from his workplace and that memory led to this song where the son imagines how cool this has made him, how much his dad protects and loves him which, in turn, puts the dad on the level of ultimate heroes like Bruce Lee and B.A. Baracus from the A Team. 

Why explain it?  Just watch:

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