Green Is The Colour/Football Is The Game (and some YouTube Highlights While You're Waiting For The Game)

In 1989, the Riders won only their second Grey Cup ever
in the 95 year history of the CFL (admittedly, pretty embarrassing in an 8-10 team league.)  They won with a team led by QB Kent Austin in a game played in Toronto's
Skydome.  This year, the Riders, with Austin as coach, go into the Grey
Cup, once again at
Skydome Roger's Centre. 

There are some other interesting storylines going into today's game…
– it's the first time Saskatchewan and Winnipeg have ever met in the Grey Cup but there's a huge rivalry between the teams already.

– Winnipeg's QB broke his arm near the end of the semi-final so their untested (at least in CFL play – he did okay for himself in US College football) QB gets the start.  On the other hand, Kerry Joseph for the Riders just won the CFL Player of the Year Award.

– It's not a front page story but underpinning the CFL's premier event being held in Hogtown is Toronto's desire to woo an NFL team to their city.  (My personal theory on that is “screw Toronto” – move the Argos to London or Kitchener-Waterloo, put a team in Halifax for good measure and the CFL will thrive while Toronto's NFL team will ebb & flow like their NBA and Major League baseball teams have.)

A report from the frontlines, courtesy of the Toronto Star…

Despite the unfamiliar Grey Cup environs – under a roof – the Riders
faithful adapted, shedding 12 layers of clothing, tilting back their
cowboy hats and greeting every new friend (i.e., everyone) with a whoop
of excitement. The only thing that momentarily dampened their
enthusiasm was the message hung over the table selling drink chits:
“Limit of 4 beverage tickets per transaction.” Again, people, is this
or is this not Canada?

Here are some YouTube clips while you're waiting for the big game…

Rick Mercer Visits Taylor Field

Arguably the most memorable play of the Rider's season

Heart of a Nation – Riders TV Commercial

2007 Riders Tribute

“Green Is The Colour” – Saskatchewan's Unofficial Anthem

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