Friday Fun Link – The Daily Show Makes Entire Archives Available Online (Oct 20, 2007)

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart has put up over 13 000 segments going back to 1999.  That's pretty cool…or at least it would be if I could get any of the videos in the archives to load. 

Maybe the site's just being hammered with traffic because it's so new.  But it almost makes you wish some of these media giant properties would skip the proprietary site designs and media players and just put it all up on YouTube instead. 

[Edit: Just saw that there’s also a proposal to make all of the books shortlisted for the Man Booker Prize available for free online as well. Following up the Radiohead announcement,
that now makes the announcement of a major music, TV and book release
for free online within a very short period of time. So, the big
question is – which will be the first big Hollywood movie to follow
this model? We should all avoid buzzwords where ever possible but this
really does feel like a paradigm shift. Oh, and the commentator I
linked to about Radiohead says they won’t make any money but the
goodwill they recieve from fans for the move will pay off in the long
term. But another commentator speculates that
Radiohead have made $10 million already,
more than they made from their last three albums combined. The truth is
probably somewhere between these two extremes but I’d lean towards this
being a very profitable move for the band.)]

(via MetaFilter)

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