Frank Stronach Changes His Tune on Unions

Whether you believe unions still have a role to play in society or not, this is pretty surprising.  Frank Stronach, the owner of the multi-billion dollar auto parts manufacturing company, Magna International has agreed to a deal with the CAW to allow unionization in his factories.

(Hey, if his daughter can flip-flop, why can't dad? )

“”I did say over the years I disagree with some of the philosophies of
unions,” Mr. Stronach acknowledged at a news conference at Magna
headquarters in Aurora, Ont. Monday. “But at the same time, we all have
to change. Business has to change. Unions have to change. We have one
mandate: To be efficient and to be competitive.””

CAW President, Buzz Hargrove weighed in on the agreement as well:
“This new deal is a chance for Magna and the CAW to show you can deal in
labour management relationships differently, Mr. Hargrove insisted.
“When you don't start out with a fight over whether or not the workers
are entitled to have a union, then you can do a lot of things,” he

Oh, and something else – I have a category/keyword “jobs” for external, non-directly-related-to-me employment type stories and one called “work” for stuff that is directly related to the work I do and have done although, now that I think about it, those are probably backwards.  Also, I probably forget which is which and mix them up on a regular basis anyhow. 

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