The Partnership Job Board Launches

I think this has been active for awhile but has just officially launched.  It's a comprehensive, cross-Canada library job board sponsored by The Partnership, which is a coalition of provincial library associations who work together on a variety of joint projects.  The job board allows you to search for postings, or, if you're an employer, post them. 

You can sign up to receive jobs as they're posted but this doesn't make up for the site's most glaring weakness – the lack of an RSS feed which is all but inexcusable in this day and age. 

Still, when I was looking for work earlier this year, I was monitoring about four different job boards (and that's when I was just looking for positions in Saskatchewan!) including the Sask Library Association's, the CLA's, the Foothills Library Association and the Regina Public Library Careers page.  So having a central spot where (hopefully) all positions that are available will be posted is a great step forward.

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