A Really Boring Stream of Consciousness Entry

I've had lots of links, pics and videos lately so why not a rollicking ramble through things happening recently in my life for a change?

…is a drool monster and we figure he's starting teething.  He's 15.3 lbs at 3 months and wearing clothes that are sized for a 6-9 month old.  He sleeps 5-6 hours at a time which is the best thing EVER.  He's a lot more alert and human now – playing with his hands, focusing on faces for extended periods.  Oh, and he's giggling and laughing up a storm and I can't help but wonder why, from an evolutionary standpoint, didn't babies develop the ability to laugh and smile at birth instead of needing a couple months for it to happen?  I'd be much more likely to save a happy baby than one who cries and bawls non-stop.  That's just asking to be left for the wolves.   Speaking of danger, Pace went for a boat ride today.  He lived.

…is loving being a mom and living in Weyburn with her parents during the week.  As you can tell by Pace's weight, breastfeeding is going exceptionally well.  Her Facebook addiction is only growing stronger. 

It's hard to believe I'm about to begin my sixth month of an 18-month contract already.  Mostly because of Pace, this summer has flown quicker than any I can remember.  I've said before that I won't write too much about my work but I will mention that I'm dealing with everything from kids with head lice to regulations governing regional library boundaries and all points in between.

Garage Sales
Shea and I love going to garage sales but haven't all summer, again, for obvious reasons.  But this weekend, we went Thursday night in Weyburn, Friday night on the way into Regina and then all day Saturday with Shea's brother and his girlfriend.  I bought a crapload of books (as usual).  Pace also got a Spiderman doll and an electric guitar toy that I already find annoying, even though I was the one who bought it for him.  Best rule for garage sales?  Put up balloons people!

A Tale of Two BBQ's
Shea had her end-of-summer work BBQ last night and I had mine this afternoon at Nickel Lake Regional Park just outside of Weyburn.  Both were good but Shea's was better in a way because she hadn't seen many of her co-workers since starting her maternity leave and many hadn't met Pace yet (who was a total angel for three hours.)  Mine was better because we had steak instead of burgers.

What's that?  Seriously, the only TV I watch lately is the news at noon and at 6pm (because Shea's parents do) plus the occasional episode of The Daily Show.  That's it.  We do try to rent and watch a movie or two every weekend though whether we can get through them is always up to Pace.

I do get to do some reading done though probably not up to my usual book per week average.  I've just started Sixpence House about an American couple who move to Hay-on-Wye, a Welsh town with 1500 people and 40 bookstores.  Very good so far.  I also read The Starfish and the Spider about the concept of leaderless organizations which was also really good.  In fact, it's a shock to be a guy who all of a sudden reads and enjoys
management books having spent a lifetime as the guy who would probably
make fun of those who do so.

I guess that's it.  Later…

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