Around the Horn: Highlights From Other Blogs I Read

Similar to my FFL last week, Michelle L. links to another article slamming the impact of the Potter books.

If you're going to buy her book, don't buy it for half price at a
supermarket. As an example of a world gone mad, you couldn't do much
better than this: a writer whose sales have actually fulfilled a
publisher's wildest dreams is indirectly
responsible for large-scale misery among independent bookstores. This is not JK Rowling's fault. It's a consequence of the deregulation of the book market.

John M. has a very thought-provoking post on what we want to do before we run out of oil? 

Three choices come to mind …

1. A great pleasure ride. We can eat and drink and drive like no one
has ever done before. I think one could consider it a sin if we had the
opportunity for so much pleasure, and didn’t take advantage of it. Oil
promises that.

2. Invent new energy sources. Could the old energy source of oil
help us to invent new energy sources that would not have otherwise been

3. Find a new planet with more oil. Use our current oil supply to
resource a fantastic project: the locating of another planet with
untapped oil, and the construction of a space ship to get there and
transport the oil here, or live there. (Of course if there is oil
there, then there must have been life there, or maybe still is. Would
we have to buy the oil? Okay, my real opinion is getting a little more
than obvious.)

Quinn D. links to a TechCrunch story about Facebook's first major acquisition – Parakey – which is a “web operating system”.  Another pretty strong indication that Facebook wants to take on the Microsofts and Googles of the world – not be acquired by them.

There's lots of other blogs I follow but those are some recent posts that stood out for me. 

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