My Birthday By The Numbers

34 – age I turned today

25 – age someone recently told me I was
really at

4 – Number of gifts Pace got from Shea today

2 – Number of gifts I got from Shea today

2 – Number of times Pace almost peed on me
1 – Number of times Pace peed in his own eye

7 – Number of people who partook in my birthday cake at work for our “birthday cake social club”
8 – Number of pieces I cut the cake into because seven would require an engineering degree

27 – Number of “birthday wish” wall posts I got on Facebook
1 – Number of wall posts I did for other Facebook friends who were born on July 18

6 – Number of people in on a conference call at noon with me
1 – Number of times I've been marked as “absent” in an earlier conference call I did attend after not saying very much for the hour

9 – Number of hours I would've gotten if I'd slept right through from the time I went to bed until the time my alarm was set for
7 – Number of times I was awakened in the night by Pace crying or squeaking or murmuring while eating or otherwise making noises.
2 – Number of diapers I changed during those nine hours

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