Parental Myths

This really has turned into a baby blog (as opposed to a library and technology one) lately, hasn't it? 

I checked my stats and the number of readers continues to grow but I assume that's as much to do with the long tail of old entries that people are finding as with anything new that I'm writing.  Oh well…the focus of this blog has shifted before and it will shift again. 

And as somebody said to me once, “When you're a librarian, it's all on topic.” 

So with the excuses made, here's a list of myths parents have about their babies (via Reddit, my current favourite one-stop shop for interesting links.) 

It's a good list, pretty funny, pretty accurate and I only wish it was longer!

In unrelated news, my laptop is back from the shop and FedEx says it's sitting in the Regina depot since Friday awaiting “next business day delivery”.  But it's not in my hands so apparently that means FedEx doesn't consider either Monday or Tuesday as a business day.  Monday, I could see – does anybody consider it one?  (What's that rule about never buying a car that's made on Monday morning or Friday afternoon?)  But Tuesday?  They had all day today when I was off and back in Regina to deliver it.  And they didn't.  I am very sad. 

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