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I can't remember if I ever mentioned it on this blog (probably knowing me) but I'm currently volunteering on the web site redesign task force of the Canadian Library Association

For tomorrow's telefconference, everybody was asked to submit a link to a web site whose navigation they thought worked well.  Some people did, others simply gave lists of what elements they liked (and didn't like) and since I agreed with most of what was already said, I sent the list of sites below instead. 

So, two questions for anybody who's out there:
1) is there a library and/or organizational web site whose look/navigation you particularly enjoy or that works really well?
2) are there any sites you like that have good tips about web site design?  Or any personal preferences for things you like (and don't like?)

Hi all,

Rather than chime in and repeat a lot of what's been said already (and which I agree with for the most part), I'll point you to a few sites you may or may not have seen before.  I know most people won't have time to peruse these by tomorrow but they might be useful to look at as this process moves forward. 

Web Pages That Suck
– has a good checklist of things to watch out for when designing a site.  Ironically, their site design is horrible (or maybe that's intentional?)

Jakob Neilsen's Top 10 Web Design Mistakes
– an annual list of the worst trends/ongoing errors in web design.  Highly worth reading and featuring lots of other Top 10 lists for other years and specific topics. 

The book “Don't Make Me Think” is great.  The web site?  Not so much…

Finally, a Google search for “Best Library Web Site” led to this best practices wiki

Cheers all – talk to you tomorrow!


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