A Quick Update From BC

I'm sitting at the Kelowna Public Library using a temporary barcode and password (do all public libraries have this option for visitors?  They should!) to check e-mail after a very long day.  (I start to shake if I don't check e-mail at least every second day.)

The funeral was good – the Royal Canadian Legion did a very moving tribute (my grandfather was a WWII veteran who drove a tank in Holland) and to finish, three couples who used to dance with my grandfather and his wife regularly danced everyone out of the auditorium to the sounds of Anne Murray's “Can I Have This Dance.” 

The eulogy went over amazingly well – I got a big round of applause (which I don't think I've ever heard at a funeral before!) and the Funeral Director came up to me after and said “I would say that was the best eulogy I've ever heard here.”  (I thought about quipping “Well, you mustn't have been open very long then” but didn't.) 

I'll likely post the eulogy when I get home (though after a build-up like that, it might also disappoint!)  But yeah, this is the third eulogy I've done for a grandparent (my other grandfather died when I was 7 or I might've been able to do that one too!) so I've got some practice.  Plus, as much as I hate to admit it, all of those presentations at library school probably helped me improve my public speaking quite a bit. 

Anyhow, I fly out early tomorrow and will write more when I get home…

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