Pace's Nickname

My dad was testing out the baby's name at lunch today and inadvertently came up with a nice nickname for the new guy (although it's still tough for all of us to stop calling him “Oscar”.) 

I'd being using “Pacer” as the somewhat obvious derivative “Pacey” doesn't do it for me.  But dad was playing around “Pace Owen Hammond…Pace Owen…Pace O.” and it hit me “Pace O.” pronounced like “Peso”! 

Shea and I have an affinity for Mexico for some reason – we've visited three times and even got married there so this is perfect in that it gives a nickname that will have a personal connection for us, just as the girl's name we had picked would've.  (We're not telling in case we have to ue it someday but I've subtly mentioned it on this blog – so if you want to read a year's worth of entries, you might find it!)  “Peso” sums up our baby perfectly – something a bit smaller than the typical Canadian equivalent but full of value anyhow. 

Okay, back to the hospital (are hospitals missing the boat by not having Internet access available in this day and age?  We've had people come by to offer us phone, television, photos.  But no WiFi at the hospital.  We made about five phone calls to relatives but will likely let most people we know hear about the baby via e-mail, blogs and Facebook posts.) 

Okay, gotta go.  Li'l Peso will think I've abandoned him!

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