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Apparently having a full-time job in a city an hour away from where you normally live is not conducive to keeping up with e-mail, Facebook, blog posts, personal diary entries, baby diary entries, regular web surfing activities as well as all those other things that make up this thing we call life.  For instance, last night, I went to a boat and trailer show with the in-laws.   There were no computers there.  Tonight was pre-natal class and again, not a computer to be seen.

So here's some randomness of what's going on in my life and head…

Congrats to Michelle Lake who won the Spirit of Librarianship Award today.  I'll update my Spirit of Librarianship page this weekend if I get a chance.  I first met Michelle when she was the only person in the whole of FIMS who responded to my invitation to join me at Book Expo 2006.  My immediate thought at that time was “wow, this is a person destined to win the Spirit of Librarianship award someday!”

Had some good news of my own today – a paper I submitted to  CLA won 2nd place in their national student essay contest!  This is probably the best result I could hope for as first place was a trip to the CLA conference in St. John's which is right around the time Shea is due.  So if I'd won that prize, the broken legs she would inflict on me would've made the trip quite difficult anyhow.   So I'll take the CLA gift certificate, the cash prize and the library directory and run. 

(This is a good place to mention that for the purposes of this blog, all papers and presentations I've posted should be considered in “draft” form and not an official publication.  This has come up as a concern once or twice with other pieces I've posted here then submitted elsewhere.  Someone suggested that calling everything I post here a “draft” even if it was handed in and marked is a good way to get around the concern that any jury or whatever might have.  And really, that's the truth – the paper that won (er, placed) was revised at least a little bit from what I originally posted here.  My Alberta user fees essay – which I also just heard that the online Partnership journal  wants to publish pending some revisions – is the same thing.  The one posted here (search the blog for “tits” ) is so vastly different from what it has become so as to be almost a different paper.)
Apparently the hockey playoffs started yesterday but I haven't seen a minute of a game yet and barely glanced at the scores for the games so far.  But here's my predictions for round one anyhow.
Calgary beats Detroit in 7
Anaheim beats Minny in 5
Vancouver beats Dallas in 6
Nashville beats San Jose in 7

Buffalo beats New York Islanders in 4
Tampa Bay beats New Jersey in 6
New York Rangers beat Atlanta in 5
Pittsburgh beats Ottawa in 7

My pick for the Cup?  I hate to say it but I think Vancouver could really do some damage this year (meanwhile, my Flames over Detroit pick is the one I'd be least willing to bet money on.)  The other finalist?  Why not Pittsburgh as a Cinderella story?  Man, they're an exciting young team.

Not much else I can think of.  If you sent me an e-mail or a Facebook message, I hope I'll get to it this weekend. 

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  1. Anonymous wrote:

    Thanks Jason, congrats on the article! I have nothing to say about hockey.

    Posted 14 Apr 2007 at 5:25 am
  2. Anonymous wrote:

    Congratulations! I'm really glad that a FIMS grad did so well in the competition. I was preparing a paper for the competition (under our mutually beloved Dr. Mckechnie) but my paper grew waay to large. And congrats on the job as well!

    Posted 20 Apr 2007 at 5:20 pm
  3. Anonymous wrote:

    What was your paper on? Did you get it done in the end? There are other venues – Partnership: The Journal of Canadian Library Research and Theory (something like that – it's a very unwieldly title) to submit your work to.

    Posted 21 Apr 2007 at 3:07 pm

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