Friday Fun Link – "Don't Mind Me, I'm Dead" – How The Public Library Became Heartbreak Hotel (April 6, 2007)

I've addressed this before but my readership has grown quite a bit since the last time I talked about it so I'll give some background on the FFL's again. 

My “Friday Fun Links” started as a way to provide regular content when I set up a listserv for the Writers Guild of Alberta.  When I left the WGA, they went on hiatus but when I was asked to become a contributor to the LibrarianActivist blog, I saw an opportunity to bring back the FFL's in a slightly modified form (and cross-post to this blog to guarantee I always had a Friday post!) 

My initial criteria of “fun, cool or unique” links remained for the most part but with more of a library and activism focus than a writing/publishing focus.  Of course, the name “Friday Fun Link” is sometimes a misnomer when the article I'm linking to deals with a serious issue such as today's link about the situation with homeless people in libraries.  If time permitted, I should, by rights, probably just post things like this (and last week's story about corporations mistreating their workers and suppliers) as regular stories. But I like to make sure I have a weekly FFL so tend to post these things on Fridays, even when they don't really meet my FFL criteria. 

(Man, when did this blog become disclaimer central?  First, on the “Twelve Types of Library Students” post then on the one after my first day of work and now this!

Anyhow, here's today's FFL…an article about the shift in the role of public library from “library” to “homeless shelter”. (via MetaFilter which, as always, has lots of good discussion around all aspects of this issue.)

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